Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Burglary Robbery

7AM - Burglary vs Robbery
Yesterday I joked about whether it was safe for me to leave MsTioga alone here in the City of Culiacan and go out shopping. I have always stayed very close to MsTioga in order to protect her from being burglarized. However, since my two recent robbery experiences, I am considering that a burglary would be a lot safer for me than being robbed.

In a robbery, the perp [perpetrator] actually confronts the victim. The victim during a robbery may be injured or killed. Whereas in a burglary, the victim is not present. The perp cannot kill me or even threaten me if I am not there!

I was lucky during the two robbery events. I was not injured. But I was threatened. Wouldn't it be better to not be present when these rats come to call? Hmmmm?

9AM - Flat tire
Yesterday I wrote to you about MsTioga's dually tire. The outside right dually is flat. When the blowout happened, there was a very loud sound. It could be that this is a severe blowout that is not repairable.

In a little while a truck from a tire shop will arrive to pull the wheel and inspect the tire. We will then know if the tire may be repaired or if a new one must be bought.

10:30AM - New "used" tire
Two young men who run their own "llantera" [tire shop], just left after installing a used tire to replace our blown tire. The failure occurred because a large screw punctured the tire, causing a giant failure in the side. This tire was not repairable.

I decided to buy a used tire because many of MsTioga's tires fail long before the tire wears out. Why buy an expensive new tire when these tires do not last? I paid 1000 pesos for this used tire, including installation onsite in the RV park. That's about $75US. The tire is the same Goodyear Wrangler brand as the blown out tire.

2PM - Staying another nite
MsTioga and I have decided to remain in the City of Culiacan for another nite. We like the Tres Rios Hotel and RV Park. Right in the center of the city yet like an oasis.

Also, I need a respite from road travel. Dealing with these criminals took some energy out of me. Tomorrow we will continue our journey south to Pueblo Aticama.

Clear sky