Saturday, December 03, 2011

Caborca mystery

5AM - The great Caborca mystery!
For the TiogaRV Team, the City of Caborca is a great mystery. If you take a peek at the map of our Nite Camp Location, you may see that Caborca is way out in the Sonoran desert. How do people earn their living here?

Yesterday when MsTioga was looking for her Nite Camp, we drove all around the center of the city. Homes here are pretty nice. The streets are wide and nicely paved and maintained. Where does all the money come from? This morning MsTioga is going to drive around this desert city and ask questions about this place in order to learn about "The Great Caborca Mystery!"

About our Nite Camp
Although MsTioga's Nite Camp is near the city's center with lots of stores only a few blocks away, our Nite Camp was soooooo quiet! Caborca shuts down around 8pm and the traffic just evaporates! We love a quiet place to sleep.

By the way, Caborca is pronounced "kah-vor-kah". The letter "b" in Spanish is often pronounced "v".

12 Noon - The road to Santa Ana
MsTioga pulled out of Cavorca and is heading east toward the City of Santa Ana. We were wondering about our new Telcel internet connection device. Would the Telcel be able to get us on the internet way out here, far from any large cities?

So we cranked up MacBook and plugged in Telcel to a USB port. Sure enough, we were online! If you want to see where we are right now, We are now click [here].

3PM - Santa Ana Camp
The City of Santa Ana is a crossroads place. The intersection of Highways 15 and 2. Hwy 15 to the north heads to the border town of Nogales. Hwy 15 south goes to Hermosillo. And Hwy 2 that we traveled on today, goes all the way to Tijuana.

MsTioga and The Team will be staying the nite in Santa Ana. I am sleepy and need a long nap!

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