Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cancer survivor

6AM - Cancer survivor
I was online reading a list of celebrities who passed during 2011. One of them was a young man who died from non-Hodgkins lymphoma. This is the same cancer that I survived.

For some unexplained reason I went to Google and searched for non-Hodgkins lymphoma. I found a page that described long term survival rates for this disease. The current 10-year survival rate for persons with the same conditions that I had is 51%.

I keep a medical record log describing all of my doctor's visits going back to 1993. This log is kept in my old leather bound Franklin planner. I got the Franklin down from its shelf in MsTioga's bedroom and flipped back to the time when my fight with cancer began. It was December 24, 2001 when I began chemotherapy. That was ten years ago!

This week I am a ten year cancer survivor! Wow! Double wow with sugar on it!

12 Noon - Back at El Chaco restaurant
MacBook Pro and I have returned to El Chaco restaurant. A cool breeze comes thru the restaurant. Much more comfortable here than inside MsTioga who stays in the Sun for the solar panels.

I also enjoy the social interaction at the restaurant. So many nice people to talk with! But the main attraction is the WiFi hot spot here. As you may know, I am an internet junky!

1PM - Are you a Weng fan?
If you are like me, you are a Weng fan! Recently, with my encouragement, Weng has returned to posting on her blog again! And we on the TiogaRV Team are soooooo happy about that! Because we love the way Weng writes and the stories she tells about her life.

Do you see Weng's pic off to the right in this blog? Where it says, "Read Weng"? Click on Weng's pic and the link will take you to her latest blog post.

3PM - Masthead fun!
You may not have noticed that MacBook and I have changed our blog's masthead a few times over the past few weeks. We are sneaky guys!

It is so much fun to play around with pics. Only recently I figured out how to change a pic so that it fits a masthead space without being too tall. I knew that it could be done. My old time friend, Mike at "Light Curve On The Road" [link] has been doing it for years. But Mike is a genius at online imaging.

MacBook and I are coming on fast though!