Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Caution Fear Courage

7AM - Caution, Fear, Courage
As you may imagine, much of my thinking during the past day has been taken up with whether to continue my journey south to the Pueblo of Aticama. Or, cut the journey short and return to the United States. I believe that I am particularly well equipped to face a situation like this one. My journey with cancer gave me a valuable perspective. I found myself using what I learned during cancer to make my decision today.

And so, I have decided to continue my journey south to Aticama. We will not be returning to the United States. However, MsTioga and I will be changing the way that we travel to adapt to changing conditions here in Mexico. We will use all of our skills and experience to keep out of harms way. This means camping in places that provide protection from the robbers who have plagued us during the past week. We will be cautious, but not fearful. We will be courageous, but use judgement.

5PM - Tres Rios RV Park
MsTioga has traveled 130 miles today and is Nite Camped in the City of Culiacan at the Tres Rios Hotel and Trailer Park. MsTioga is the only RV here. We had quite a challenging time on the road today.
  • MsTioga's right rear outside dually is flat.
  • I drove too close to a short concrete highway pole and did some damage to MsTioga's right side.
  • Getting to Tres Rios trailer park took about 1.5 hours driving in Culiacan traffic. But thanks to our Garmin GPS, we arrived here.
MsTioga is hooked up to electric power. A tire repair guy has been called. We have yet to check into the office yet, so the price to stay here is unknown.

If you click on our Nite Camp Location below, you may see that our Nite Camp is in the neighborhood of many stores. WalMart and Sam's Club are here. I do not know if it is safe to leave MsTioga alone and go looking around this evening. But my being inside MsTioga has not stopped the criminals from robbing us two times in the past week. So, maybe a shopping trip would be a good idea!  What do you think? Hmmmm?
Tioga and George at Tres Rios

Partly cloudy