Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas party

Christmas party
The family who owns El Chaco where MsTioga is camping had a Christmas party for their family and friends. RVers staying at El Chaco were invited. So, just after sundown our RVing friends Bill, the two Caroles and John and myself went over there to see what was happening.

The party was setup outdoors about 100 feet behind where MsTioga is camping. There were a bunch of plastic chairs scattered around for party guests. A pig had been butchered for the Christmas party. A few guys who work at El Chaco were busy preparing chicharones [fried pork skin]. Some of the pork was prepared for early guest arrivals and was fried in oil in a portable fryer setup on a stack of concrete blocks.

The most interesting thing at the party was a trio of singing Huicholes who were brought from Tepic to provide music entertainment. The Huicholes were dressed in their colorful clothes. The music that they played sounded like southern bluegrass. This music group played from 6pm and except for very short breaks played until 4am the following morning.

All of the RVers left the party after a couple of hours. The family who put on the party did not arrive much later. Perhaps 11pm. And I did not get to sleep until after 4am when the music finally stopped.
Huichol trio - pic by Carol

Weng and Francisco's story [Continued]
I was going to continue to tell you about  the story of Weng and Francisco. But then I got to thinking that actually, Weng and/or Francisco should be doing that telling.

I have re-posted Weng's pic on my blog. It is actually a pic/link to her blog. As you may read, Weng comments on my writing about her and Francisco.

However, I will make one last comment about Francisco's Jackfruit farm. The Jackfruit trees have been planted. There are two orchards and they both are doing well.