Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Huichol Alley

Huichol Alley in Tepic
Bill and Carole love to explore Mexico. Since MsTioga and I arrived in the Pueblo of Aticama, Bill and Carole have gone out exploring everyday. And New Mavicita and I have been invited to go with Bill and Carole everyday too!

Yesterday evening Bill asked me, "Have you visited the Huichol Alley in Tepic?" I had never even heard of Huichol Alley. However, I love Huichol beaded bracelets, and have bought several for myself here in Mexico.

Bill told me, "Tomorrow morning we are going to Huichol Alley. Do you want to come with us?"

I answered, "Wow! I would love to come with you!"

Just yesterday evening while we were all together in the Pueblo of San Blas, I bought my latest Huichol bracelet. The Huichol man who sold me the bracelet, also made it. He was asking 80 pesos, but we haggled down to 75 pesos [$5.50US]. This is a remarkable price for all the work it takes to make a beaded bracelet.
My latest Huichol bracelet

Regatear in Mexico
The Spanish word, "Regatear" means "To haggle". Here in Mexico, it is a cultural tradition regatear for everything. Especially the price of something.

American tourists who fail regatear, may find that they are dealing with an unhappy seller. If an American buys something for the first price asked, how is the seller to know if the price is right? Maybe the seller could have gotten more!

So haggling is essential for a happy buyer and seller here in Mexico.

8AM - Trip called off!
Carole just walked over and knocked on MsTioga's door. "We aren't going to Tepic this morning. My husband Bill has a bad leg cramp. And Carole [there are two Caroles in our group] is still feeling bad.

So, the TiogaRV Team will be messing around La Playa de Matanchen today. Jorge is thinking about walking in to the center of Aticama along the coast road!

12 Noon - Fixed Sirius/XM Radio!
Do you remember when Mr. Sunny's solar panels flew off MsTioga's roof while we were on the road to Kino Bay? Well, our Sirius/XM antenna was mounted on the solar panel tilt assembly. When the panels flew away, the coaxial cable for the XM Radio was ripped in two pieces. Since then, the XM radio has not worked.

This morning we went up on MsTioga's roof to reconnect the cable to the antenna. We tried everything we could think to do. It is really hard to repair a ripped apart coaxial cable! I went up and down to the roof at least 20 times! Connecting, reconnecting. Nothing worked!

Finally I was ready to give up when it occurred to me that we had a tiny old antenna from our first XM radio. And guess what? That old antenna worked. We have Sirius/XM Radio again!

Clear sky