Saturday, December 10, 2011

Latitude 21

6AM - Latitude 21
.MsTioga and I cannot recall if we have written to you before about "Latitude 21". You likely know that the Prime Directive for the TiogarRV Team is: "Seek T-shirt and short pants weather!" Well, we have found that kind of weather in the wintertime around Latitude 21.

If you looked at a little globe of our earth, you may see that the globe is divided by horizontal and vertical lines. The horizontal lines are "Latitude". The vertical lines are "Longitude".

Did you know that the tiny Pueblo of Aticama is at Latitude 21? Of course T-shirt and short pants weather may be found during the wintertime at other latitudes. But we chose Aticama to be our wintertime latitude. Wide Matanchen Beach is there. The water of the Ocean is warm, perfect for swimming. MsTioga may drive on the sand of Matanchen Beach without worrying that she will become stuck. A very important thing!

So, MsTioga and I are heading south to Aticama in Latitude 21. Right now we are at the City of Guaymas in Latitude 27. It's getting warmer. Mr. Wave-6 our catalytic heater did not work last nite for the first time in months! Still got a ways to go for T-shirt and short pants weather though!

12 Noon - Chicken adventure!
Pretend that you are riding along with MsTioga in Mexico. It's lunch time. You are hungry. Everybody on the TiogaRV Team is hungry! We want Pollo Asado [BBQ Chicken].

You are looking hard for one of those Pollo Asado stands. MsTioga passes one chicken stand, but the traffic won't let her pull over. Wow! Will we find another stand?

As we are getting close to the center of Ciudad Obregon, we see a stand. There is smoke from the stand going into the sky. Is it a pollo stand? Could be a BBQ beef stand? We get closer. It is a BBQ chicken stand! We cross the highway and park.

"You want one chicken to-go?", asks the stand owner. "Yes, one chicken to go", I reply.
Pollo asado stand

This is what you get for 70 pesos

Light clouds