Saturday, December 17, 2011

Leaving Mazatlan

8AM - Leaving Mazatlan
MsTioga and The Team are heading out of the City of Mazatlan this morning. You may know that our final destination is the Pueblo of Aticama in the State of Nayarit, Mexico. Aticama is 186 miles away from Mazatlan. That's a long way for MsTioga to travel in just one day. So, we likely will be making a Nite Camp in a safe place this afternoon.

The City of Acaponeta appears on the map to be at the half-way point. We may try there to locate our Nite Camp.

12 Noon - All the way?
It is only noon and MsTioga has already gone passed Acaponeta. We are thinking we can make it all the way to Aticama this afternoon!

Do you see the temperature? It is already T-shirt and short pants weather!

4PM - El Chaco Campground
MsTioga looked around Matanchen Beach and the Pueblo of Aticama. We had a team meeting and decided to stay at El Chaco Campground which is located behind the beach of Matanchen Bay. We always dry camped or boondocked before. However, we have to adapt to changing conditions. The two robberies are a big change in conditions!

El Chaco has a grass covered camping area that is very nice, as you may see in the pic below. There is no electricity in this area. But Mr. Sunny's solar panels should provide power enough. We are paying 3,000 pesos to stay here until January 24th. That calculates out at $5.76US/day.
Tioga and George at El Chaco