Friday, December 16, 2011


8AM - Mazatlan
Late yesterday afternoon, MsTioga and I arrived in Mazatlan. We spent the nite at the Mar Rosa RV Park which has the reputation of being a fancy place! And it is! Located right on the beach, Mar Rosa must have been packed with tourists back before safety became a concern here in Mexico. This morning I see out of MsTioga's window that only about 1/2 the spaces are filled.

We paid 350 pesos [$26US] to stay the nite. There is a less expensive RV park about a block away. MsTioga may move there this morning.

My evening with Roger
Reader Barbara has been emailing me about getting together in Mazatlan. Barbara is not feeling good, so yesterday evening she asked her husband Roger to drop by Mar Rosa to meet me and say hello. Roger and I decided to go out for supper at the Fat Fish. Roger told me that the Fat Fish BBQ pork ribs are to die for. A neighbor at the next table agreed. "Best ribs in all of Mazatlan", he declared! They were too. Good prices! Roger and I both ate for 160 pesos [$12US].

After supper, Roger drove around the nearby Mazatlan neighborhood showing me places, especially restaurants that he liked.

Roger and Barbara own a condo here in Mazatlan. They bought the condo in 2006 because they fell in love with Mazatlan. The condo is in a high rise building. From their condo balcony on the third floor, they look directly at the Ocean. Marvelous place!

Roger told me that he has two season passes to the Mazatlan Venados [deer] baseball club. "Would you like to go see a baseball game? The Venados are playing tonite!" Wow! I said, "Yes!". What an exciting thing is Mexican baseball. The fans are very energetic! The players are really good too. One of the pitchers on the opposing team had a 96 mph fastball! The Venados won the game, 8 to 1.

5PM - Ribs and apple pie!
Late this morning Reader Barbara and her husband Roger drove over to the Mar Rosa RV Park where MsTioga is camped. We had made a date to go out for breakfast together. Barbara brought me an Escapees Magazine to read. Also a copy of the Church, "Mexican Camping". But that was not all. Barbara brought me a small apple pie! Wow!

On the way to breakfast, Roger toured all over Mazatlan. Barbara and Roger have been living here since 2006, so they are very well acquainted with nearly everything about Mazatlan. We drove from the far north of Mazatlan all the thru the entire Malecon which of course parallels the Ocean.

Just a little while ago I ate supper which consisted of the ribs left over from last nite's Fat Fish Restaurant dinner. And for dessert I ate the apple pie! Pretty neat, huh?
Roger and Barbara in Mazatlan

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