Friday, December 02, 2011


5AM - Mexico
I am sitting in my bedroom/office. The door to the rest of MsTioga is closed in order to keep as much heat around me for comfort. Little Wave-6, the catalytic heater, is quietly working on its middle setting. Outside it is 45°F. Inside it's 69°F.

This morning MsTioga and I will be driving to the International Border at Lukeville/Sonoyta which is 40 miles distant. I'll be glad to enter Mexico. I'll be glad to be heading south where the weather is warmer. T-shirt and short pants weather. That is what I long for!

Over all I feel pretty good. No aches. No pains. My diarrhea is hanging on. But I do not want to go see a doctor for that. I probably should go. But I am tiring of dealing with medical stuff. Tiring of dealing with MsTioga's mechanical stuff.

I just want to go to where the weather is warm and look at the ocean waves rolling in.

8AM - The Bayfield Bunch
This morning we had a big surprise. The famous "Bayfield Bunch" came knocking on MsTioga's door. Those of you who follow the Bayfield's travels know that Kelly and Al are camping here in Ajo, Arizona. They like the desert!

Please click [here] to follow Kelly and Al Bayfield.
Kelly and Al visiting inside MsTioga

5PM - Banda Ancha
MsTioga and The Team are in the City of Caborca. We went to the Telcel office and bought a Banda Ancha. This device is a USB modem that connects to the Telcel network. The Banda Ancha cost 539 pesos [$43US] and comes with 3GB of internet access. Additional 3GB of access costs 500 pesos [$40US].

One unfortunate thing about the Banda Ancha is that it would not install on my Apple MacBook! The techs at Telcel tried to get the Banda Ancha to work on the MacBook, but the driver did not install completely.

9PM - It's working now...I think!
It seems that the Banda Ancha must be installed on the Mac side of my computer. My Mac is a virtual machine with VMware installed and running Window 7. After starting up the Banda Ancha on the Mac side, I am able to switch to the Windows side and get online!

Wow! I am sooooooo happy about that! Because all my blogging software is on the Windows side!.

10PM - Nite Camp Location
Our Nite Camp Location was just updated to show where we are staying tonite in the City of Caborca. I am going to use the map right now to see how far MsTioga has driven into Mexico today. It's neat to back the map up to see where we are in relation to the USA!  Fun!