Tuesday, December 06, 2011


9AM - A miracle!
Yesterday a miracle happened! Three of Mr. Sunny's solar panels got sucked off of MsTioga's roof by a dust devil. The panels blew down to the pavement, skidded across the road and landed in a deep culvert. And guess what happened to those panels? Miraculously, the panels were not damaged! How could that have happened? It must have been a miracle!

10AM - Moisheh's home
As you may have read yesterday, MsTioga is camping now at the home of Moisheh and his lovely wife in the gorgeous seaside Town of Kino Bay. Moisheh has a shop at his home with lots of tools and things. We are going to work together in order to fix the things that happened as a result of the solar panels blowing off of the roof yesterday.

Below are some pics of the panels taken after the accident.
Panels leaning against MsTioga just after the accident

Panel showing one side of frame ripped off

Two completely undamaged solar panels

5PM - Solar panels reassembled!
Working together, Moisheh and I repaired the bent and twisted parts of the solar panel tilting assembly. Well, I have to tell you that Moisheh did most of the work. First Moisheh straightened out the "Z" brackets that connect the panels together and also fasten the panel assembly to the aluminum bars. This was not an easy job! Some of the "Z" brackets were bent into a pretzel.

Then the one solar panel which had a section of the aluminum extrusion frame knocked off was reattached. Moisheh's shop has a large assortments of screws. We found the perfect screw to reattach the frame. Moisheh used silicone to fill the extrusion where the solar panel inserts into the aluminum frame.

Now came the time when we reassembled the entire tilt assembly. We talked about doing that assembly up on MsTioga's roof. But it is very windy here in Kino Bay. So it was decided to assemble the tilt assembly in the shop, and then lift the assembly up to the roof.

It took a lot of time to do the work. But we spent a lot of that time just talking about various things. All in all, I think that both Moisheh and myself had a good time working together!
Reassembling the broken panel frame

Putting together the panels as a complete tilt assembly