Thursday, December 08, 2011

Moisheh solves mystery

7AM - Moisheh solves the mystery!
Yesterday while Moisheh and I were working to re-install the solar panels on to MsTioga's roof, he said to me, "The panels could not have landed on the pavement of the highway. They would have been destroyed on impact. They must have sailed completely across the pavement and landed on the slope of the steep culvert."

The two of us talked about this solution to the mystery. We concluded that the steep culvert softened the landing because the panels touched down on an angle. Then skidded down the dirt slope to a safe stop at the bottom of the culvert.

If the panels had landed on the solar side, they would have been horribly scratched. But they landed solar side up! A miracle! Double wow with sugar on it!

Panels secured top and bottom
When the accident occurred, the solar panels were only secured on the bottom end. The top end was not secured. This was a mistake that I made. An almost disastrous mistake.

Now, both the top and bottom of the panel tilt assembly is secured. Bolted down to MsTioga's roof.
Solar panels back on MsTioga's roof

11AM - La PLaya de Kino
Just after pulling out from the home of Moisheh and Zee, New Mavicita went outside to capture a pano pic of the wide beach at Kino Bay.
Kino beach and bay

4PM - Hermosillo Nite Camp
We are making our Nite Camp in the southern part of the City of Hermosillo. Would you believe that we went to the same place where that robber went inside of MsTioga? Well, MsTioga was not going to stay there for the nite! So, we moved a couple of miles south.

MsTioga and I were talking this afternoon about "destiny" and "luck". We both agree that "destiny" is where we are headed. What's going to happen to us.

"Luck" is when our destiny meets us and good fortune comes along.

Clear sky