Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New year

6AM - A new year is near
In a few days, the year 2011 will pass away. Much of 2011 is just a blur in my memory. When I was talking with Francisco a few days ago, he mentioned my coming to Aticama last spring. I could not recall my being here. Bill and Carol remembered me being here too. Why don't I remember?

I believe that the answer to this question has to do with David. 2011 is my first full year without David. Last spring I was still completely messed up by David's passing. I had pretty much lost my focus. I was groping for direction. It took me much of 2011 to get my emotions stabilized.

Awhile back I recall sitting inside MsTioga. I noticed that she was dirty. Her door was grimy. Dust had accumulated everywhere. The carpet must not have been swept for a very long time. That was the end of my grieving time. MsTioga is all cleaned up now!

Are you surprised to read these words? Did it seem to you that I was doing alright much earlier? Well, back then I knew that I had to keep moving forward. I knew that all I needed to do was to keep traveling along and that one day I would be myself again.

And here I am! Isn't it a beautiful day? Hmmmm?.
Tioga and Jorge in Aticama

9AM - Crocodiles!
New Mavicita and I have been invited by Bill and Carol to go on the crocodile cruise. Just up the road a few miles toward San Blas, the mangrove swamps begin. We will be escorted in a boat thru the jungle swamp to view the wild life living there. Birds, turtles and of course, the crocodiles! Pretty neat, huh?
Largest croc we saw!