Saturday, December 31, 2011

New year2


Good bye 2011
Well, for me 2011 was so much better than 2010, that I cannot even make a comparison. 2010 was the year that sucked! The year my Son David died. You followed that tragedy here in my blog. You were with me day by day while David was missing. You were here with me on that fateful day when the policeman walked up to me and said, "I have some bad news!"

You were with me in 2011 too. This was my grieving year. And the grieving is over. Thank God for that!

Tonite at midnite begins the new year. 2012! We do not know what this new year will bring to each of our lives. Right now 2012 is filled with promise. Because we are "cup half full people". We approach our future with an optimistic heart. Anxious for our new year adventure to begin.

However, lurking in our memory is the knowing that anything can happen. So, we are more reserved than before. Yet thru all those memories, we still believe that 2012 will bring us bright and wonderful days. That belief is our faith. Yes faith! What a wonderful thing it is to have faith. Surmounting bad experience and making our hearts be like children's hearts again.

10AM - Waiting for the wood
Javier the carpenter has promised to deliver the wood for the battery compartment this morning. But, he may arrive this afternoon. No rush.

Early this morning the last two batteries were moved to the dining room table for cleaning. Now all of the batteries are ready for new battery box.
Last two batteries are now clean

5PM - The rest of the story!
A lot has happened today. It is now 5pm. Good time to tell you the rest of the story.

Javier the carpenter actually brought the wood to the El Chaco RV park at 8am. But he could not find me? He walked around shouting, "Jorge!". I did not hear him. So he went away. This afternoon another RVer staying at the park asked me, "A man was here looking for you around 8am. Did he find you?".

By that time it was 2pm. Bill drove me in his car to Javier's home. The two Carols went along for the ride. When we got there, Javier's wife told us that he was on the job, but he would return soon for lunch and then bring the boards out to El Chaco.

About 3:30pm, Javier showed up with the boards. I paid him 500 pesos, and he went off to work on a house that he is building.

After Javier left, I measured the boards. Some of them are a bit too short and some a bit too thick. Wow! Two boards will have to be remade. What a shame. Tomorrow I'll go back and show Javier what I need to do this job and have him determine the sizes necessary.

Sometimes things go two steps forward then one step backward.