Thursday, December 01, 2011

Oil pan repair

7AM - Oil pan repair
I thought that I was heading into Mexico this morning. However, yesterday an email arrived from Reader Ed who recommended that MsTioga's oil pan be repaired with "Time-Sert". Here is a [link] about Time-Sert to the Time Fastener Company.  Also, here is a [link] to a YouTube video showing an oil pan thread repair.

You may recall that the problem with the oil pan thread was found in Mexico. I thought that this problem was resolved by simply replacing the plug bolt at each oil change. But apparently this was a wrong assumption.

Now the Time-Sert kit must be purchased, received and installed before Mexico.

9AM - Ordered Time-Sert kit
The Time-Sert kit has been ordered and is being shipped to a local address here in the Town of Gila Bend, Arizona. The Time-Sert kit is to be sent by over-nite shipment. Have to wait for confirmation to know when the delivery will be made.

Instead of installing the Time-Sert thread here in Gila Bend, we have decided to wait until MsTioga's oil is next going to be changed. The single oversize oil pan plug now installed in MsTioga is holding.

10AM - Desert Camp
We have made a Desert Camp [here] a bit north of Gila Bend. Mr. Sunny's solar panels are tilted. The Sun is out. I am preparing fruit salad for breakfast. Strawberries, orange and apple!

10:30AM - Trying to cancel Time-Sert order
I just received an email from Reader Garry advising that the Time-Sert kit that I ordered is designed for aluminum, not steel oil pans. Immediately I phoned tech support for Time-Sert and was told that my oil pan could not be guaranteed to work for this application.

I have requested a cancellation of my Time-Sert order

Wow! Are you confused about this thing? I sure am!!

2PM - Ajo, Arizona
We are now in the Town of Ajo, Arizona. The sky is completely overcast. It has even been drizzling! I guess T-shirt and short pants weather waits for me a bit further south.

6PM - Final oil pan report
When I left Gila Bend today, I abandoned any repair of MsTioga's oil pan at this time. I'll do whatever is necessary to fix the oil pan thread when changing oil next time.

I want to thank all of the Readers who have sent their solutions to this challenge.

Overcast & drizzling