Wednesday, December 07, 2011

On the roof

Pearl Harbor - December 7, 1941 - 70 years ago

7AM - Back on the roof
This morning Moisheh and I will be re-installing the solar panels back on MsTioga's roof. First we will test to make sure that the solar panels are operating correctly. Out in the Sun we will test each panel's open circuit voltage individually [rated at 21.7 volts/each] .

The panel tilt assembly will then be lifted up to MsTioga's roof by using a rope.

The reason the panels blew off the roof with the sudden wind gust is that they were not secured at the top and bottom. Only the bottom was secured which allowed the panels to flat up and down when the wind got strong. This morning we will be drilling and tapping holes in the aluminum bar which will enable the securing of the top end of the panel to the roof.

1PM - The job is done!
We both wanted to take a pic showing how the panel assembly was lifted up on to MsTioga's roof. But in the excitement of the moment, I forgot to take a pic! So, I will tell you about it.

A ladder was leaned againt the side of MsTioga at just about the place where the tilt assembly is attached to the roof. A rope handle was secured to the tilt assembly with the rope long enough to hand to Moisheh who was on the roof.

I stayed on the ground and lifted the panel assembly up the ladder. With Moisheh pulling up on the rope, lifting the panel assembly was not hard at all. We protected MsTioga by positioning a carpet at the edge of the roof. The panel assembly road on this carpet as the panels went up the ladder and on to the roof.

After drilling and tapping for the bolts which are used to secure the top of the panels to MsTioga's roof, the panels were raised in order to re-attach the electric cables.

Panels tested out great!
When we tested the open circuit voltage this morning, the panels tested great. Right on the 21.7 open circuit voltage. All is well that ends well!
MsTioga in Moisheh's shop

Clear sky