Friday, December 23, 2011

Readership booms

Readership booms!
What is causing Tioga's readership to boom? In recent months visitors averaged about 87,000. This month the numbers look like they'll be 120,000. What is going on?

8AM - Telcel Banda Ancha report
Since about last spring, we have been going online using a Verizon WiFi modem stick called Pantech. Our Pantech worked great. Even out in the boonies the Pantech was able to tune in to the Verizon network and get us online.

When we entered Mexico, we switched to Telcel's Banda Ancha modem stick. And the Banda Ancha seems to be every bit as good as the Verizaon Pantech! Here in Aticama which is sort of out in the boonies, we usually are able to get online. However, sometimes Banda Ancha is very slow out here.

Banda Ancha costs about 500 pesos [$37US] per month for 3GB bandwidth. Lately Telcel has had a promotion for 6GB bandwidth per month at the same cost.

10AM - Pancakes
We just got back from going to the laundry at Casa MaƱana Hotel and got to thinking about pancakes for breakfast. Because of my new diet, I'd not prepared pancakes for a very long time. A couple of pancakes can't hurt too bad! Could they?
Jorge's pancake breakfast

Weng and Francisco's Story
This is a story about a wish. More than a wish. It is a dreamful-wish to build a family home on the hill over looking the Pueblo of Aticama. How do Weng and Francisco build their home on such expensive land? Well, that part of the story began long before Weng and Francisco were married.

I believe that it was back in the 1970s when Francisco discovered the magical pueblo of Aticama. Back then, hardly anybody was interested in the land on the hill. The rich gringos who are now living on the hill would not arrive for 30 years!

So, Francisco bought himself some land on the hill with a spectacular view of Aticama looking south and La Playa de Matanchen looking north.

At that time, Weng was a very young girl living in the Philippines. About ten years would pass, and then Weng put an ad in a magazine telling the World that she was looking for a husband. There were lots of takers for this vivacious young woman. But it was Francisco's letter that captured Weng's heart.

Fast-forward about 15 years. It is 2008. Hill Top Home is a reality now. Little by little over ten+ years, Weng and Francisco planted trees, built retaining walls, constructed the dream home. Stairs one year. The home's tower the next year. A room the next year. It was a tough thing to save enough money to travel from Portland, Oregon to Aticama each winter.

The housing collapse that began in 2006 hit Weng and Francisco hard. It was much harder for Francisco to find construction work now. Almost impossible to save money for their dream! But Francisco is a enterprising man!

More to follow.......

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