Monday, December 12, 2011

Robbed again

3AM - Robbed again!
Well, I was robbed again! MsTioga was Nite Camped right next to Sam's Club in the City of Los Mochis. I thought that this would be a safe camping place.  Yesterday in Ciudad Obregon, the police advised me to stay in front of the Sam's Club located there because it was safe.

But here in Los Mochis camping next to Sam's Club is not safe!

I was in bed. But not sleeping. I felt MsTioga move and got up to see that a guy had opened the passenger door. He was sticking his head under the forward curtains. At first I thought that he was a policeman. He wore a purple vest like police wear. But then he demanded money. I told him that I would give him money, but that I was a poor man. I did not have many pesos. He again demanded money. And again I told him that I would give him money and again I told him that I was poor and did not have much..

There were two robbers. The one outside was nervous and told the guy talking to me that he wanted to leave. Apparently the first robber changed his mind and shut the passenger door. Then, as an afterthought, he broke the door window with something. I don't know how he broke the window. Then both robbers went away. I did not give them anything.

Doors are not protection
I learned something from this robbery. Doors are not the protection that I thought they were. The robbers opened MsTioga's door without even leaving a mark on the paint! I was under the incorrect assumption that entering MsTioga by a robber would be difficult. It is NOT difficult.
Broken window

Called police
Immediately after the robbers went away, I drove MsTioga to a nearby Pemex gas station and asked the people there to phone for the police. It took about 15 minutes for the police to arrive in three police trucks. The policeman in charge took my name and heard my story. Then told me that they are going now to look for the robbers.

It is now 4am. I am staying the rest of the nite at this Pemex gas station. The people who work at this Pemex claim that I will not be bothered here.

11AM - Los Mochis RV Park
MsTioga and I decided to remain in Los Mochis one more day. As a result of the robbery yesterday, I hardly got any sleep. It would not be a safe thing for me to go driving with so little rest. Los Mochis RV Park is a big facility. Room for at least 80 RVs here. But MsTioga is the only one here today!

Before we arrived at Los Mochis RV Park, we went to an auto glass shop to have the broken window replaced. One of the guys from the glass shop went off to a junk yard, and returned with a replacement used window for MsTioga. The window cost 650 pesos [$48.75US] including installation.
Installing window