Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Simple life2

7AM - Simple life
It takes a lot of thinking [and re-thinking] for me to live a simple life. It is sooooo easy for me to change things and end up with a complicated mess. Mainly I am thinking about:
  • Mexican immigration
  • Banking
Mexico- Immigrant or tourist?
Since I began spending time in Mexico in 2003, I've been living as a tourist. Mexico makes it so very easy to be a tourist. For about $20US, I purchase a tourist permit [FMM-Forma Migratoria Multiple] which is good for 180 days. Living as a tourist means that I must leave Mexico before the 180 day FMM expires.

The reason that I am writing about Mexican immigration, is that lately I have been considering getting an FM3 immigration permit. The FM3 is good for one year, may be renewed right here in Mexico and does not require me to exit Mexico as does the FMM. But the FM3 is not simple and will place me in the middle of Mexico's amazingly slow bureaucracy.

After spending an extraordinary amount of time doing research about the FM3 immigration permit, I have decided to keep things simple and continue to live in Mexico as a tourist using the FMM.

I've never had a bank account here in Mexico. I only began thinking about getting a Mexican bank account for safety. My thinking was that if there was a United States bank crisis, I would have money here in Mexico.

It turns out that opening a bank account in Mexico may be very easy to do. Would that bank account complicate my life more than now? Maybe not!

The nearest big city to Aticama is Tepic. The next time that I go to Tepic, I am going to visit a bank. Probably Santander, Bancomer or Banamex..