Saturday, December 24, 2011

Simple life3

A simple life
My Father's name was Daniel. He was an excellent tool engineer. When I was a boy, he told me to find the simplest way to do things. Of course my Father's advice concerned manufacturing. That was his focus.

Somehow I was blessed with being able to find a simple way to live. When the great watershed moment in my life arrived in 2003, I took my Father's advice and applied it to creating my new vagabonding life. You have read about my quest for "T-shirt and short pants weather". This is an example of a decision which helped create a simple life for me. When MsTioga and I are in "T-shirt and short pants weather", we don't need an air-conditioner. No air-conditioner means a huge generator is not necessary. .

A simple life is not an easy thing for me to maintain. Small changes carelessly made, may bring complications to the life of the TiogaRV Team! That is why you often read here about me tussling with myself.

Recent tussling examples:
  • Mexican tourist permit vs Mexican immigrant permit
  • Mexican bank account
These examples are complicated because of what goes on in our World today. The ramifications of small changes carelessly made in today's increasingly complicated World, may greatly affect our simple life. Fortunately by publishing about that tussling here in my blog, I receive a lot of feedback from Readers. And very valuable is that feedback for me!
Jorge this morning - La Playa Matanchen

Weng and Francisco's story [continued]
Yesterday we left off with the 2006 housing collapse hitting Weng and Francisco's dream hard. But we want to make sure that you understand that dream! Their dream is to live permanently in the Pueblo of Aticama in their hilltop home. This would be an easy dream to achieve if Weng and Francisco had been blessed with loads of cash. But fate did not work that way for them. They had to scrimp and scratch for every dollar.

So, year after year, Weng and Francisco worked in Portland, Oregon during the Spring, Summer and Fall months. Then in the Winter they would pack up and journey to their beloved Pueblo of Aticama. If it had been a good working year, perhaps the family was able to spend three months at hilltop home. However, if the year was hard as was 2011, the family could not make that journey.

Francisco earned his living by getting construction projects. Weng earned her money doing gardening. Everything that Weng and Francisco earned was put into hilltop home. That home is their savings account. That home is their future!

Yesterday I wrote that Francisco is an enterprising man. This is a BIG understatement! It likely became clear to Francisco sometime around 2009 or 2010 that the money that he needed to finally settle his family in Aticama could not be saved up. Francisco was in his late 50s now. His time was getting shorter. He would have to figure out how to earn money while living in Mexico. But how could that be done?

That's when Francisco came up with the idea of buying land in Aticama and growing fruit trees. Have you ever heard of jackfruit? Enormous, green and prickly on the outside.

More to follow....