Monday, December 19, 2011

Sunrise views

7:45AM - Sunrise views
New Mavicita is thinking this morning that you may be interested in seeing for yourself what sunrise looks like here at El Chaco campground.

The Sun rises from behind the hills to the southeast of where MsTioga is camping. The rising Sun creates a moving shadow mystery. Looking thru MsTioga's right side window we see the shadow shrinking. When will the shadow shrink so much that MsTioga becomes bathed in sunshine?

In the first pic below, New Mavicita has captured the hill view just before Sun rise. The second pic is looking 180° opposite and captures the shadow racing across the campground.
Hill view just before sunrise

Racing sunrise shadow

New Mavicita showing off!
In the above pics, New Mavicita is showing off her recently developed skills at using her manual controls. These pics could not be captured using the automatic setting. New Mavicita must adjust manually the amount of light entering her lense.

Many years ago our Baja California friend Michel the Photographer told us that we must know how to adjust the camera almost automatically in order to take decent pics.

New Mavicita is a Canon PowerShot SX120. There have been many Mavicita cameras aboard the TiogaRV Team. You may read about them all by clicking on the "Behind the Scenes" section of our Home page. Then click on "Chapter 2: Meet the Tioga RV Team Members".

10AM - Santiago Ixcuintla
Bill walked over from his camp in El Chaco. "Have you been to Santiago Ixcuintla?", he asked.

"No!, I never even heard of it before", I answered.

Bill asked, "Do you want to go? We are leaving in a half hour".

So, we took off for Santiago Ixcuintla. Bill and his wife Carole in one car. John, his wife Carole with their dog in the other car.

Santiago Ixcuintla is an old town, established in the early 1600s. The town's name translates to, "Place of many dogs". When we arrived the town was bustling with Mexican tourists. The five of us seemed to be the only Gringos here. We did not see hardly any dogs!

Do you want to see Santiago Ixcuintla's location on a Google Map? Click [here].

Bill, the two Caroles and John were very interested in the old church and the street mural. But New Mavicita and I were fascinated by the colored baby chicks and the cow staring at us from a wheel barrel.
In the old church

Ixcuintla street mural

Colored baby chicks

Cow looking at us

Clear sky