Sunday, December 04, 2011


7AM - Worrying
So far our trip into Mexico has been very peaceful. However, I have noticed one strange difference from prior years. So far, I've not seen even one RV traveling along the highways of Mexico! Where are the RVers in Mexico?

Oh well! I won't worry about that. RVers have probably all gone south already and are happily enjoying the tropical weather.

9AM - Odometer record
Ever since MsTioga and I began vagabonding around together, we have kept a daily odometer log. The log is a 1/4 sheet of paper and sits on the desk above MsTioga's passenger seat. At the start of each month, one of these logs is prepared. Each evening when we pull into our Nite Camp, we enter MsTioga's odometer reading.

Last nite that reading was 139,562 miles. So far this month, we have traveled 238 miles. It's nice to know how far we have gone during a day's travels.

11AM - Breakfast Camp
We stopped for breakfast at the intersection that leads to the Town of Carbo, about half way for today's trip to Hermosillo. Below is a pic of my breakfast. As you may see, this is not an unusual breakfast. Two scrambled eggs, one sausage, one slice wheat toast, strawberries and apple.

The difference in my diet is that I'm now eating only about 1/2 of what I used to eat. I mostly only drink water. Very little milk. Hardly any juice. Only fig newton type cookies. I think my waist is getting smaller. But if it is, it's getting smaller very slowly.
Breakfast this morning

Supper yesterday

3PM - Shopping in Hermosillo
We need fruits and vegetables. After arriving in the giant City of Hermosillo, the Garmin GPS was used to find a huge shopping center. There are a bunch of stores here. WalMart, Home Depot, Sam's Club, Ley, Sorianna, AutoZone.

On the way here MsTioga stopped at a Pemex gas station. We buy gasoline in Mexico using pesos [never credit card]. Regular gasoline is priced at 9.64 pesos/liter and for 500 pesos, MsTioga received 51.87 liters. We are not good at conversions. But if you figure out what the price is in $dollarsUS/gallon, we will post it here.

6PM - Banda Ancha difficulties
Well, I hate to write to about this. But the Banda Ancha stopped working on the Windows side of the MacBook Pro. This is a very bad thing because all of the software for publishing my blog is in Windows. That is why I bought VMware Fusion. To have two operating systems on this MacBook.

It is very strange that for awhile, I did not experience this problem. I think that the Banda Ancha may be attempting to install itself on the Windows side, and this may be causing a conflict.

I could begin to use my HP laptop to publish the blog. That is going to be a challenge because most of the programs that I wrote about above are not on the HP. Oh well, what would life be without a few challenges!

PS: I am publishing this 6PM post on the Mac side.
PPS: It is now 7pm, and the Banda Ancha is working again. I found out that the Banda Ancha installed itself on the Windows side. Sneaky little thing! When that installation was removed, Banda Ancha began to work again! Wow!