Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wrong tire

7AM - Wrong tire!
Yesterday I bought a tire with the wrong specification for MsTioga. The correct specification for MsTioga's tires is: LT 235/85 R16 Load Range E (maximum 80 psi).

The tire guys sold me a: P265/75 R16 (maximum 44 psi)

Yesterday, I just did not have my thinking cap on when the tire guys delivered the used tire. I have always been well aware of MsTioga's tire specification requirement. I guess that I simply trusted that these tire guys knew what they were doing. Well, in this case, both the tire guys and I did NOT know what we were doing!

This incident is not such a terrible thing. Yes, it cost me $75 for this tire lesson. Perhaps I needed that lesson? This morning MsTioga and I will go out to a legitimate tire company and purchase two new tires. These tires should be purchased in pairs.

My very valuable blog!
This tire incident show cases for me how valuable is my blog! I guess that it is only human when a person makes a mistake to sort of sweep that mistake under the rug. Pride often makes people keep mistakes to themselves.

However, I cannot do that sweeping. I have thousands of Readers. I gotta own up to my mistakes. And you know something? Owning up to mistakes is not such a bad thing.

In fact, this morning I feel really good about owning up and telling you about this tire mistake incident! And I thank every one of you who wrote to me in ShoutBox. Especially you, Eddie Foy! 

10AM - Tire shop
MsTioga is in the Llantas Royal de Sinaloa tire shop. They have the exact tires that MsTioga wants. They are BF Goodrich tires, the same as the tires on MsTioga's front wheels. We are going to buy two tires which will be installed on the right side duallys.

We are discarding the used auto tire that was bought yesterday. We are also discarding the spare tire which is very old and has been on MsTioga for many years. A tire that we bought in Gila Bend, Arizona will be our present spare tire now. A tire that is now on the right dually will be moved to the left dually and should match the dually that is on left right now.

The cost for the new BF Goodrich tires and all the labor to install including taxes is 5670 pesos. At today exchange rate, that equals $409US.
MsTioga at Llantas Royal

12 Noon - On the road to Mazatlan!
MsTioga has her new tires installed. We are now on the road to the City of Mazatlan. We are using the toll roads to travel on this leg of our journey.

We are at a place just before the toll road begins. We stopped in a very nice looking roadside restaurant and ordered tacos borregos [sheep] and a plate of frijoles [beans]. The lady who runs this restaurant reminds me of somebody's mother. Very nice!

As MsTioga and I travel today, we will not be stopping along the highway when I need a nap. Those days are over! It appears much too dangerous to nap along the highway as we have done for years.

When I need a nap now, I will pull into a Pemex gas station to rest. Even in the Pemex gas station it is not completely safe. A determined rat/thief could attack us in the Pemex too. But I do not want to get paranoid about danger from criminals.

5PM - Mazatlan!
MsTioga and The Team have reached the City of Mazatlan. Now we have to find an RV park for our Nite Camp.

We have a few Readers who have contacted us from Mazatlan, and we are going to try to use Skype to phone them for directions. Wish us luck!

6PM - Mar Rosa RV Park
We used our Garmin GPS to locate an RV park that we found in a Google search. It is the Mar Rosa RV Park. MsTioga traveled thru the gathering darkness and arrived here just before the nite closed in around us. We were getting scared! Well, not really. Just a little bit scared.

Mar Rosa is right next to the beach. We have not checked out the beach yet. But later we will. Click on our Nite Camp Location below to see where MsTioga is staying! Remember that MsTioga is the green arrow on the Google Map.

Clear sky