Thursday, December 22, 2011


A couple of days ago we were supposed to go to the City of Tepic. When illness struck our El Chaco group, that trip was postponed. But all were well yesterday, and three of us [Bill, Carole and myself] drove up the winding and beautiful jungle road to Tepic.

This trip had a special destination. "Huichol Alley!" This alley is in the downtown section of Tepic and is where many Huichol people sell there artwork. I am fascinated by Huichol beaded bracelets and have purchased many of them. This morning I bought a very narrow bracelet made from mostly orange, black, yellow and red beads. I cannot tell you what attracts me to a particular bracelet. The price was only 30 pesos! [$2.19US]. No haggling this time!
My latest Huichol bracelet

Weng and Francisco
Do you remember Weng and Francisco who built Hilltop Home overlooking the Pueblo of Aticama? Weng wrote and published her blog, "Mail Order Bride" which told of her journey from the Philippines and building a new life here in Aticama and Portland, Oregon.

Last week Francisco traveled from Portland in order to do business here in Aticama. The story of that business and the continuing drama of Weng and Francisco is a fascinating tale. One that I really would like you to know about. Perhaps one day in the future, Weng may be able to continue her blog for you to follow.

Anyway, Francisco and I have been wanting to get together since he arrived in Aticama. Fate has kept us apart. But yesterday we were able to meet at Playa Amor RV Park. Francisco had made the Portland/Aticama trip with his close friend Uncle Bill and Primo [Uncle Bill's cousin]. The three drove down in a 1969 Winnebago motorhome that will be parked next to Uncle Bill's tiny house located just below Hill Top Home.

Note: I understand that there is a lot of unexplained stuff in this Francisco, Weng, Uncle Bill story. I will try to bring you up-to-speed later today or in following days.

Francisco's birthday party!
As Francisco and I sat and talked together at Playa Amor, we watched the gorgeous sunset. Francisco told me that this is his birthday and that he had been invited to the Casa Mañana Restaurant to celebrate. The owner of Casa Mañana is making a birthday cake for Francisco. Isn't that great?

Francisco and I have plans to get together this afternoon. He will pick me up at El Chaco RV Park and together we'll drive to Hill Top Home so that I'll find out what has been happening up there first hand. Remember, I have not been to Aticama for about a year. A lot has happened around Hill Top Home since then!

Today I will NOT forget to take New Mavicita along with me as I did yesterday for the trip to Huichol Alley. We want to capture pics to share with you. A pic is worth 10,000 words!

12 Noon - Remembering Mom
I am making a batch of salmon pattys. My Mom used to make them, and she taught me the recipe [link]. I was sitting in MsTioga's livingroom eating one of the salmon pattys while looking out at the waves rolling in on Matanchen Beach. Suddenly a memory of my Mom in her kitchen when I was a kid popped into my mind.

I was born and grew up in the East Los Angeles area known as City Terrace. We lived on a hill overlooking the plaza. If you stood on our front porch, you could look straight down City Terrace Drive and see the Los Angeles City Hall on the horizon.

When I thought about my Mom today it came to me that she would be so happy to see that I am making a batch of salmon pattys. She would tell me, "Make extra grilled onions, Georgie. I love grilled onions!"

When I think of all my family who are now departed, I am only a little sad. Mostly I think that they would be so happy for me being here on Matanchen Beach in T-shirt and short pants weather in the middle of December.
Georgie making Mom's recipe salmon pattys

Clear sky