Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Baking soda volcano

7AM - Baking soda volcano!
We have been messing with using baking soda as a drain cleaner. By putting dry baking soda down the drain followed by hot white vinegar, a baking soda volcano is supposed to be created inside the drain. This volcanic reaction is, according to what we know and have read, supposed to clean a drain up great.

However, we have not observed any BIG reaction that even comes close to being a volcano. Only a bit of fizzing. Then nothing! Hmmmmm?

4PM - Getting warmer!
For the past several days, each day has been getting warmer. Today the low temp was 65°F and this afternoon the high was 85°F. As you may imagine, it is very comfortable here on the Playa de Matanchen.

Right now I am inside El Chaco's restaurant in order to use their WiFi. RVers staying at El Chaco drift in here to buy drinks or use the WiFi.
Jorge inside El Chaco using WiFi

Clear blue sky