Saturday, January 14, 2012

Baking soda

7AM - Drains and baking soda
Yesterday I posted in my blog about MsTioga's kitchen drain getting clogged. In response, Reader Nancy1340 posted in Shoutbox that, "Hot water and baking soda. Done every 6 months and you will have no more problems."

It just so happens that we bought a can of baking soda when we went shopping in Tepic last week. The baking soda was bought to remove corrosion from Mr. Sunny's solar battery cables. Now we have a new use for this baking soda! Thank you sooooo much, Nancy1340!

11AM - Restaurante Tradiciones
MsTioga is Morning Camped in the City of San Blas because I wanted to eat at a fantastic little restaurant called, "Tradiciones." This little eating place is one of the best, if not the best, in the City of San Blas.

I've ordered a cheese filled chili relleno. Yummm!
Restaurante Tradiciones-San Blas, Mexico

2PM - The coolness of El Chaco
We are back enjoying the cool breeze that gently blows thru El Chaco's outdoor restaurant. It is a bit warm this afternoon. 88°F! So the cool breeze really is nice.

I am watching a movie using El Chaco's WiFi.

PS: El Chaco in English means The Roadrunner.

4PM - An American in Mexico
I want to share with you a story about an American couple who immigrated to Mexico and live in the City of San Blas. The amazing part of this story is that this couple had no income. No pension. No Social Security. They came to San Blas hoping to earn their living there by working illegally! Without papers! Amazing!

Click [here] to read this story!

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