Monday, January 02, 2012

Battery box construction

6AM - Battery box construction
Yesterday I promised to return to tell you about construction plans for the new battery box. I needed a nap because the previous nite I stayed up until 4am playing around on the internet. So, I never did get back.

The wood for the new box was milled from a tree. The carpenter who sold us the wood amazingly has a wood mill in his home workshop!! Although the log that the wood was taken from has been sitting in his shop for months, it is not completely dry. The wood will dry out completely in place after box construction.

Here is the plan. The wood box parts will be fastened together in position using pocket screws. The screws are used to only hold the boards because wood glue will actually secure the boards.

After construction is complete, the interior of the box will be painted with a good quality primer. Then a high quality white enamel paint will be used to protect the box interior from the tiny amount of battery acid emitted from the cell vents. Additionally, the bottom of the box will be protected by linoleum which is pretty much acid resistant.

The exterior of the box will be left unpainted so that the wood will dry out.

Some readers have predicted disaster from our using incompletely dry wood. If their prediction proves accurate, we may have to build a new box. Anyway, we love projects like this!
Box with some boards positioned for pic

5PM - Great advice!
MsTioga and the entire TiogaRV Team want to thank all Readers who sent in suggestions and advice about our battery box project. Many of those suggestions seemed very workable. So, what did we decide to do?

After much consideration, we decided to simply re-install the batteries into the box using the existing lumber. We figured that these batteries will be five years old this year and will need replacement by next winter. By that time, we should know the best way to house the batteries.

In the pic below you see our battery bank re-installed. The left side appears open. However, a 2x4 board blocks the batteries movement.

Batteries reinstalled