Friday, January 20, 2012

Busted tank

9AM - Busted tank
Yesterday we told the story about repairing MsTioga's grey water drain. After installing the repaired drain pipe, we found that the black water tank's outlet appears to be also busted. Probably from the recent trip down a very bumpy road that messed up the solar battery bank's floor.

If we were back in California, there are a number of RV mechanics that have experience removing and repairing dump tanks. But here in Mexico, I do not know of any. So, I am going to have to keep the black water tank pretty much empty in order to keep it from leaking. Not a problem while staying here in El Chaco where each RV parking place has a sewer connection.

10AM - Mexican liability insurance
Today is the last day of coverage for MsTioga's Mexican liability insurance. We use Mexican Adventure Insurance Services to renew this coverage. Buying this insurance is done online and is very easy to do. After buying the insurance [cost $212US for one year], I am given the opportunity to print the policy.

However, the printer did not work! It is an HP printer, and for some unknown reason, sometimes this printer works and sometimes it doesn't!

But we have a backup printer aboard. It is also an HP. The installation was on the Windows 7 side of our MacBook Pro computer. The MacBook runs both the Mac operating system and Windows 7. But the Windows installation crashed! For us, HP installations into Windows always crashes.

So we decided to install the HP printer on the Mac side. The Mac installation went thru flawlessly. Hmmmm? Macintosh computers! There is NO substitute!

11AM - Heading to Tepic
Our shopping list is long enough for us to make a trip to the City of Tepic. So, we are now heading up the hill. As you may know, we love this trip because of all the tree tunnels along the way.

7PM - Sushi then Nite Camp
After grocery shopping at the WalMart, it was time for supper. There is a new sushi joint here in Tepic. As I was driving to WalMart this afternoon, we spotted a billboard over Highway Insurgentes announcing the opening of Fukai Sushi. We checked Fukai's location using our Garmin GPS, and it was only a few blocks away from the WalMart!

It's sort of weird going to sushi joints in Mexico. There aren't any Japanese people working there! The Mexican sushi wasn't bad though. Would you believe that they did not have any wasabi! Told me that wasabi is not very popular in Mexico

We are Nite Camped in our usual place in the Tepic neighborhood across from the WalMart.

Partly cloudy