Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Central and South America Adventure

12 Midnite - Great Central and South America Adventure!
Who knows how fates conspire to create our destiny? Is it God? Angels? Spirits of loved ones passed on? Whatever or whoever it is, seems to be sitting on my shoulder pointing my way forward.

Who arranged for Bill and Carol Asirimarco [RVing pioneers to Central and South America] to be here with me at this particular moment in time? When I visited Bill and Carol this morning and asked their opinion of my proposed bus trip thru Central and South America, they both thought that this was a wonderful idea!

Bill advised that it would not be good to drive MsTioga into the Andes Mountains! The Andes would be too much for MsTioga because the highway goes up and down often traversing several thousand feet in elevation from valley to to mountain top. Much better, Bill said, to take a bus which would free me from driving and allow me to view the scenery along my trip.

1AM - When will this trip begin?
You may be wondering, "When will our Great Adventure trip to Central and South America begin?"

The answer is: Today!

That is right! Today the rent that we paid to stay at El Chaco's RV Park is all used up. Time to move on. We will be heading south to La Peñita RV Resort in order to talk to the people who own the resort and RVers who are staying there.

It is our understanding that many RVers who stay at La Peñita Resort store their RV close-by during the off season. This RV storage place must be very secure. Extremely important for MsTioga to be in a safe place while her Team Members who are going on this great adventure trip are gone.

Clear nite sky