Thursday, January 12, 2012

Chips flying

9AM - Flyboy Chip ready to fly!
Do you recall when Flyboy Chip lost his bag of wing struts? Somehow the bag rolled off Chip's trailer somewhere here in Aticama and were never found! So, Chip ordered a new set of struts from the factory. The shipment was supposed to arrive at the United Parcel depot in Puerto Vallarta late this afternoon. But, they arrived yesterday, one day early!

This morning Chip and his buddy [and mechanic] Joe are assembling the ultra light aircraft in the field in front of Paraiso Escondido Restaurant.
Flyboy Chip

5PM - Carol goes flying!
Late in the afternoon the tide receded enough for Chip to go flying. After Chip returned, he asked, "Anybody want to go up?". Carol was ready, and said, "I want to go up!"
Carol getting ready to go up!

Clear blue sky