Thursday, January 05, 2012

Clean RV

9AM - Happiness is a clean RV
For MsTioga and myself, having our RV home clean has a very deep meaning. Because we both love to keep ourselves clean, neat and tidy. So, if we find ourselves not keeping our RV home clean, this means something is very wrong!

As you may have picked up from reading our blog story recently, MsTioga and I are feeling really great. If you inspected MsTioga this morning, you might find that the kitchen area is very clean. Kitchen counter corners clean too. Carpet corners, the entire floor, window frames, all those places where dirt and dust gather are clean. Oh yes, you may find places that still need cleaning. But we have our eyes on those places and will be getting at them soon!

It's been well over a year since our RV home has been squared away as well as it is right now.

2PM - Flyboy Chip
Flyboy Chip of Ultra-Light fame is back camping at Paraiso Escondido on La Playa de Matanchen. A terrible thing happened to Chip's airplane. A bag which stored wing struts fell off Chip's trailer right here in the Pueblo de Aticama! Chip did not realize that the bag was missing until early this morning.

A search was made of the road where the bag may have landed, and nothing was found. Signs offering a reward for the return of the bag have been posted in Aticama and nearby La Palma. Also, the loud speaker advertising system in both towns announced about the missing bag.

So far, nobody has come forward to return the bag of airplane parts and claim the reward.

4PM - Battery report
Using only solar panel electric power for recharging Mr. Sunny's battery bank, the batteries have been coming up to 14.1 volts. A completely full charge may only be achieved by these Crown brand batteries when 14.5 volts is reached.

Our battery bank is still delivering reliable electricity during the nite. But as we mentioned before, the time for this battery bank to be retired is approaching. We likely will buy new batteries this summer when we return to the USA. At that time the battery bank will be five years old.

Clear sky