Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cracked drain pipe

9AM - Cracked drain pipe
The problem that was described yesterday turns out to be a cracked drain pipe. In the pic below, the red arrow shows the crack location. The crack extends about 1/3 of the way around the pipe. RVer John believes that a temporary repair may be made using ABS cement.

I am going to try and order an entire new valve assembly from the USA.
Cracked drain pipe

11AM - Yesterday's "Temperance" post
After publishing my "Temperance" post yesterday, I received a lot of negative comments from other RVers staying at El Chaco RV Park. It seems as though nearly everybody saw themselves in my story! Wow!

When I re-read this story myself, it was clear that the story was quite a bit judgmental. Also critical. I guess that I should have kept my judgments and criticism to myself.

But something good did come from that post. I don't think anybody from around El Chaco will be including me in their conversations when they are drinking. Some of them will not even talk to me anymore!

1PM - RVer John repairs cracked drain!
RVer John came up with a great solution for repairing MsTioga's cracked grey water drain. First he cleaned up the area around the break with a Dremel tool. Then John mixed up epoxy resin adhesive cement with a hardener.

In the pic below you may see what a nice job John did to the joint.
Curing epoxy-resin joint

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