Sunday, January 29, 2012

Double mind

8AM - Double mind
Our tentative decision to stay in the Uxlabil apartment/hotel in Guatemala City has brought quite a few comments from Readers. Mostly from Readers who believe this decision to be wrong. However, we on the Tioga RV Team feel that for us to vacillate and be double minded about decisions is worse than making a wrong decision.

When we are actually in Guatemala, there should be plenty opportunity to look around first hand. Then we can move around the country according to our actual experiences.

12 Noon - Periferico
The word "periferico" in Spanish means "periphery." MsTioga has traveled thru the great City of Guadalajara enough to know that the periferico road is much better to take than the highway going thru the center of the city. Even though the highway thru city center looks shorter on the map in our Guia-Roji atlas of Mexico, it is not a good way to go. Unless you like tense moments driving an RV in heavy traffic.

We have pulled off the periferico and are in a dirt lot alongside the highway. There is room to park here because it is Sunday. Lots of places to park on Sunday.

Our little Garmin Nuvi GPS is very helpful when traveling thru Guadalajara. It is easy to get confused going thru the giant city.

2PM - Hustling for a living
I've been living in Mexico part and full-time for 8+ years. Nearly all Mexican people that I've met know that they must hustle to eat and pay the rent. When I use hustling, I mean working hard and fast.

As MsTioga went thru the Tonala section of Guadalajara, we saw mile after mile of Mexicans hustling to sell stuff. Spread out on the ground was everything from pans to tires. People selling nuts. Candies. Tamales. Chairs they made themselves. Giving away coupons for restaurant promotions. Anything and everything was being sold here.

If you get the idea that I am partial to the industriousness of the Mexican people, you are right. I am. Most kids here in Mexico do not live the pampered life that I led when I was a child. Kids in Mexico are expected to share the load. Many Mexican kids learn to work in the fields, all day long, under the hot Sun! Or hustle with their parents here in Guadalajara.
Hustling in Guadalajara!

5PM - Nite Camped in Atotonilco
It's like from the Bible. No room at the inn. Or in Señorita Tioga's case, not enough parking space at any of the Atotonilco hotels. We asked several people for help. Señorita Tioga is just too long. So, we have Nite Camped on the street.

We believe that the Town of Atotonilco is safe. I guess we will find out by tomorrow morning just how safe it is here!

MsTioga at 141,000 miles!
By the way, MsTioga wants you to know that her odometer crossed over 141,000 miles today. When we first met MsTioga in February, 2003, her odometer read 53,746 miles. So, we have traveled 87,254 miles together in nine years!

Mostly cloudy