Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fan clutch

4:30AM - Fan clutch
For several weeks an unidentified sound has come from MsTioga's engine. This sound is intermittent. Only is heard for a second, and then stops. Yesterday MsTioga had to climb thru some mountains that topped out at 1800 meters. MsTioga's engine got pretty hot during that climb. This overheating is unusual. MsTioga's cooling system has only overheated in the past when something is not right.

This morning it came to me that perhaps the unidentified sound and overheating problem are related. Maybe the fan clutch is failing or has failed?

Central America update
Is the planning stage of an adventure exciting for you? It sure is for me!

A couple of days ago I stumbled upon a website of the Uxlabil apartment/hotel in Guatemala City [link]. Although this website is published in Spanish, your browser should be able to translate to English.

Uxlabil is quoting a month's stay for $568US! I know that this price seems remarkably low. And it is low. However, the location in Guatemala City is a good one. I am really thinking very hard about going for it!

7AM - Weng
I am glad to see that Weng's blog readership is climbing. January will bring over 8,000 visits to Weng's "Mail Order Bride" blog. Weng has been publishing every day lately. It's fun to blog!

Click on "Read Weng" link to the right of this post.

9AM - Breakfast Camp
This is the first time MsTioga and I have traveled the Mascota road from Puerto Vallarta to Guadalajara. In past years we've always traveled south before turning east. Usually to visit Manzanillo or some other place further south of Puerto Vallarta.

This Mascota road is a slow one for MsTioga. Many twists and turns. Many ups and downs. We have traveled thru some pine covered forests on this trip when MsTioga climbed high enough for those trees to thrive.

The Mascota road seems to us to be "back country" Mexico. When we drove thru the Pueblo of Mascota, it was like traveling back in time 100 years. From cobble stone streets to the adobe walled buildings.

We have made a Breakfast Camp alongside the highway. Even way out here, the little Banda Ancha Telcel stick is able to get us on to the net!
Breakfast Camp along Mascota road to Guadalajara

2PM - MsTioga overheating report
Whatever has been causing MsTioga's overheating over the past several weeks, went away today! There were no strange sounds, and the temperature gauge never went over mid-point. Wow! Very odd.

If there was going to be overheating, this would have been the day for it. We traveled thru two passes of 1800 meters each in the Sierra Madre Occidental range. When MsTioga is climbing like this, she only goes about 25 miles/hour. We might be able to go faster, but that would mean really punching it.

3PM - Posadas Magnolia Hotel
When those two robberies hit the TiogaRV Team on our way south in Mexico this year, we had no clue how much we would be affected. We rarely camp on the street anymore as we used to do in years gone by. We on the TiogaRV Team must adjust to our changing environment!

When we arrived in the City of Ameca, we asked if there is a campground here. Since there is no campground, the easiest place to stay the nite is a hotel. But not in a hotel room.We want to camp inside MsTioga where we are so comfortable!

We came to the Posadas Magnolias Hotel which has a big piece of property that extends away from the highway. We like our quiet! At first the hotel wanted to charge us 600 pesos, the price of a hotel room. But we countered with, "But we are only parking!" The hotel re-countered with 400 pesos. And we countered back with 200 pesos. We finally settled on 300 pesos. For that we get water and electricity too.

If you want to check out our location, click on "Nite Camp Location", below. Remember that MsTioga is the "green" arrow.
Jorge and MsTioga at Posadas Magnolias Hotel

Clear sky