Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Flying Guatemala

5AM - Flying to Guatemala
We have made the decision to fly from Mexico City to Guatemala on February 8th. Although our reservation at the Uxlabil apartment hotel in Guatemala City is for a month, only a few days will likely be spent there. Advice from readers about Lake Atitlán [link] has us hoping to move there. We have a few places in mind to stay at the lake and will clue you in soon.

Our high priority item now is to find a nice place for MsTioga to stay while we are gone on our trip. Wouldn't it be great if MsTioga could stay inside a building?

6PM - Pete and Jimena's home
This afternoon was spent with Pete and Jimena at their lovely home that they built themselves acting as their own contractor. As you may recall, we published a bunch of pics and videos of the construction during last year.

It's been over a year since MsTioga and I have visited with them. New Mavicita took some pics to share with you.
Pete showing us his courtyard

Jorge & Jimena in the garden

Jimena shows an orange from her garden

Mostly cloudy