Sunday, January 01, 2012

Location: El Chaco RV Campground, Aticama, Nayarit, Mexico

Happy New Year - 2012!

No place like home!
A few years ago, MsTioga and I came up with idea of showing you where we were on January 1st of each year since we began vagabonding together. Sort of like a flash-back memories thing! Without our blog memories, we wouldn't be able to recall all of these New Year days! All of these homes!

I guess somehow, this New Year's Day format became a tradition!

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11AM - Battery Box Project
The Battery Box Project has developed a lot of interest and controversy. MsTioga and I talked it over and we want to write about some of the items that Readers have brought up.

We believe that the controversy concerning "Batteries in the Bedroom" has developed the most interest. The second most written about subject has been "Battery Box Construction".

Batteries in the Bedroom
In 2003 a solar electric system was installed in MsTioga. It quickly became clear that there was only one place to store the solar battery bank. A box was built to contain the batteries. That box was to be vented to the outside using an electric fan blower.

I was in the process of installing the cover for this box when it dawned on me that with this cover in place, the battery box would be sealed. Hydrogen gas produced during the charging process would be trapped inside this sealed box. If the venting would fail, the concentrated hydrogen inside the box might explode! So, the box cover and the electric fan blower were abandoned.

Batteries have been located in the bedroom for almost nine years without any noticeable effects for me. Also, the cabinetry above the battery box has absolutely no visible effects from the batteries stored below.

However, the batteries have vent caps and from these caps come tiny drops of liquid battery acid created during the charging process. This acid accumulates on the top of the batteries and eventually contaminates the floor below the batteries. This contamination is the black goop that we showed you in a pic several days ago.

Experience has taught us that MsTioga's linoleum floor contains the acid accumulation [the black goop] and prevents acid from attacking MsTioga's plywood sub-floor.

Battery Box Construction
..... To be continued. I need a nap!.