Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hilltop home3

8AM - Hilltop home
This morning New Mavicita and I are taking a walk along the bay-side dirt road which is a shortcut between Playa Matanchen and Pueblo Aticama. We want to take a look-see at Weng and Francisco's "Hilltop home".

We hope to visit with Señor Bill who is living up there permanently. You may recall that Señor Bill built a casita [small home] up on hilltop.

10AM - Señor Bill's new wall
The first thing that we saw as we went up the hill and approached Señor Bill's home was his new wall. Of course New Mavicita had to capture a pic of this wall. Do you see Señor Bill's little home at the rear of this pic?
Señor Bill and his new wall

Bill told me about the moving of the motorhome that you see in the pic above. The motorhome is Bill's primary home when he lives in Aticama. Señor Bill lives here during the winter. When it gets uncomfortably warm and humid in Aticama, usually after April, he moves back to Portland, Oregon.
Bill and George in the window

1PM - Haircut, lunch and visiting
I asked Señor Bill where he got his haircut, and he told me about Wendy's Salon in Aticama. I've needed a haircut for over two weeks. Wendy is a very nice young woman who cut my hair for only 25 pesos! After my haircut I went across the street for a BBQ chicken lunch. Sooooo good!

Then New Mavicita and I went to visit our friend Juana who lives in Central Aticama. When I got to Juana's home, she was talking to her Dad in front of their home. Juana, as you may already know, is a very good friend of Weng.
Juana and her Dad

Clear sky