Monday, January 23, 2012

Inverter story

8AM - Inverter story
In March, 2010, we purchased an Aims 1000 watt true sine wave inverter from the online "Inverter Store". When the Aims arrived, it did not work! So, the inverter was sent back to the factory. It took the Aims factory some months to return the inverter. And we only recently put the Aims into service.

The first thing noticed strange about this Aims inverter, is that when we played movies over MsTioga's sound system while the Aims was on, a loud "buzz" was heard. The Aims manual warned about this "buzz" and blamed it on low quality sound systems! Hmmmmm!?

Yesterday while using our MacBook Pro computer, the track pad began being jumpy! The MacBook never did that before! Searching for "MacBook jumpy track pad" in Google, we found that this is a power supply related problem! The Aims again!

So, this morning we re-installed our old Xantrex/Jazz modified sine wave inverter. The Jazz still works. We only bought the Aims because it was assumed that a true sine wave inverter would be better for our electronic equipment. Funny thing, the Jazz only cost $99 but has given good service for almost nine years. The Aims cost $379 and proved to be an engineering nightmare!

The Jazz inverter does not produce any "buzz" in MsTioga's sound system. And the MacBook Pro's track pad is not jumpy when charging on the Jazz inverter.

10AM - Learning by mistakes
I've always been envious of persons who seemed to be able to figure out the right way to do something "before" they did it. I've always been the kind of person who figures out the right way by first doing it the wrong way. Then I try another wrong way, maybe even a third wrong way before stumbling on the right way to do something.

I have a relative who is one of these "right way" people. Somehow he has always been able to figure out how to do things right the first time. We used to go to Las Vegas together. We would play craps together on the same table. I would make the same bets that he would make. But he would wind up a winner, and I would lose money. Wow!

Sometimes I have day dreams about living my life over again but knowing what I do now. That way I would not be making all of the mistakes that I have made. Somehow I know that this would not work for me. I am one of those people who must make mistakes in order to figure things out.
Jorge with MacBook in front of MsTioga

Weng fans!
My dear friend Weng has been posting to her new blog everyday lately. I am so very happy for Weng. Apparently her life is balanced now so that she finds time for working, taking care of family AND blogging.

Also, I believe that Weng's writing skills are improving a lot. Very good for Weng fans!

Tune into her blog by clicking on the "Read Weng" pic/link to the right of this story.

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