Saturday, January 21, 2012


7AM - Mexico
Do you remember when I was considering leaving Mexico and returning to the USA? That was during our December trip south in Mexico right after the two robberies [link].

I am sooooo glad that MsTioga and The Team decided to stay in Mexico. Because we are having such a great time being here. It would have been a terrible event in my life if I ran away from my dreams because of fear of what "might" happen.

Even doing ordinary things such as shopping and going to restaurants here in the City of Tepic, bring me so much joy. To think that I may have missed all of this but for a moment of fear! Wow!

8AM - New adventures!
Do you think about going on a new adventure? I sure do! Even now in my 75th year, I think about going to new and exciting places.

Just yesterday I was thinking what it would be like to take a bus trip down thru Central and South America. Did you know that there are modern buses that carry passengers down there? Air conditioned buses with nice bathrooms! Hmmmmm?

Here is a website about TicaBus [link].

Here is a website about "Bus Travel in Central America [link].

3PM - Back at El Chaco
MsTioga has returned to El Chaco and is Day Camped on the giant lawn in front of the restaurant. Some trees keep MsTioga mostly in the shade. Very nice!

Although it is 90°F outside, a gentle and constant ocean breeze is keeping things comfortable.
MsTioga on the lawn at El Chaco

Blue sky