Friday, January 13, 2012

Morning internet

9AM - Internet in the morning
Nearly every morning John and Carol go over to El Chaco to use the restaurant's WiFi. This morning MacBook Pro, New Mavicita and I were there too! We all sit at the same table and do our internet stuff while schmoozing.
John and Carol using WiFi at El Chaco

12 Noon - Plumbing crisis!
MsTioga's kitchen drain has been giving signs of plugging up for a long time. This morning the drain really backed up! Something had to be done!

I mentioned the problem to RVer John, and he recommended removing the drain including the trap. I was a bit concerned about doing this job myself. But John encouraged me, so I went and started the job.

After removing the drain, I could see that the trap was completely stopped up. Taking the drain outside to the hose bibb, I was able to completely clear the stoppage. However, after re-installing the drain, the stoppage continued. Apparently there was a clog downstream from the trap.

A plunger was borrowed from El Chaco and the sink was filled with hot water. Then I plunged many times. The drain began running again! After several more sink fillings and plunging, the drain seems to be running fine again!

1PM - Weng is posting again!
Are you a Weng fan? Weng has begun posting again. And her blog has a new look.

Click on our "Read Weng" link and take a look-see!

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