Monday, January 09, 2012

No signal

8AM - No signal!
Work has been happening up on MsTioga's roof this morning. For over an hour we have been attempting to get the antenna properly connected to the the cable that connects to XM Radio.

Do you recall the incident where Mr. Sunny's solar panels flew off MsTioga's roof? Well, that incident also ripped the cable out of our XM Radio's antenna. No way to repair that ripped cable. Too bad, because this was a large antenna that pulled in the signal really good down here in Mexico.

However, we have on board a tiny antenna that came with our first XM Radio. About a week ago we attached this tiny antenna to the end of the cable on MsTioga's roof. And, the tiny antenna worked! At least it worked for awhile. Then the antenna stopped working.

The cable for these antennas is the coaxial type with a shield surrounding a core wire. The core wire for this tiny antenna is really, really small. Almost impossible to work with that tiny wire let alone make a secure electrical connection!

So, this morning all that XM Radio does is state on its screen, "No signal". No sound. No music. No news.

9AM - Fred wants WiFi
Fred who lives next door to El Chaco wants internet access. When I was over at his home a couple of days ago, I promised to return when Telcel service began operating again. Fred wants to learn if Telcel will function well at his house.

I walked over to Fred's this morning for a visit. But Fred was not home.

I have good news and bad news for Fred. Yes, Telcel has their network up and running again. However around here in Aticama and Playa Matanchen, Telcel is soooooo slow. Sometimes it takes several minutes to bring up a web page.

I don't think Fred would be happy with a Banda Ancha Telcel stick.

11AM - XM is on again!
I just kept playing with the cable. And finally, at long last, music is now playing on the XM Radio.

Never give up!
Messing with XM cable

Lots of clouds