Sunday, January 15, 2012


8AM - Pancakes and waffles
Do you remember the time, maybe a year or two ago, when I decided to eat a low-carbohydrate diet? My good friend John P. from San Diego was doing this diet to control diabetes. John sent me info about his diet. Although I do not have diabetes myself, after looking into this diet, I thought that it would be a good one for me!

Of course this meant that I'd have to cut back on pancakes and waffles! Wow! I used to eat pancakes or waffles at least twice a week. Since that diet change, I only eat them about once a month.

I decided to make pancakes this morning. And my stomach is soooooo anxious for that first bite!

New Mavicita is planning to put a pic of this pancake breakfast on the blog for you to see.
Pancake breakfast!

PS: The pic shows David, me, Joe in 1997 at Joe's college graduation. The little pic is my Mom smiling at me in 1989.

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