Monday, January 16, 2012

Renter Dave

7AM - Renter Dave
Today we want to introduce you to Renter Dave! He is here in the Pueblo of Aticama to stay at Weng and Francisco's Hill Top Home as a caretaker. For his caretaker service, Renter Dave will rent Hill Top Home for free!

Yesterday evening, MacBook Pro and I were walking over to use El Chaco's WiFi. It was already passed dark. Renter Dave was just entering El Chaco, and I stopped to say, "Welcome!" I was surprised that Dave already knew me. He had been a Reader for a long time.

Renter Dave drives an 18 foot long Class-C Fleetwood Tioga Arrow on a Dodge chassis. He calls his RV "Dod". Can you guess why? Hmmmm?
This is Dod

10AM - Blogging from Hill Top Home!
This post is coming to you from Hill Top! Our little Telcel WiFi modem stick works up here!

We are in the small room just off the kitchen of Hill Top Home. MacBook Pro is sitting on the short wall of this room. We are both looking over Matanchen Bay and see Aticama below.

Bill and Renter Dave are out on the deck making plans. They seem to be getting along great!
Renter Dave & SeƱor Bill
In Weng and Francisco's kitchen

PS: Click [here] to read Renter Dave's blog.
PPS: Weng has been posting a lot lately! Click on her "Read Weng" pic link!

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