Wednesday, January 04, 2012

San Blas

7AM - San Blas
Yesterday we wrote to about going to the small City of San Blas, about 10 miles north of El Chaco. We all piled into Bill and Carol's Jeep. John and Carol and I were in the back [there are two Carols in our group].

We headed up to San Blas in order to go to the Wala Wala Restaurant. This restaurant proved to be a real find! Food nicely prepared and in good quantity too. I ordered garlic fried shrimp and it was really great!

After supper we all walked up to the Telcel store. Remember yesterday we wrote here about being able to renew our Telcel subscription by credit card. Well, that proved to be a little inaccurate. Yes, Telcel charged our credit card. But although Telcel had the money, their system did NOT renew our subscription.

With Bill doing the talking with the Telcel guy [Bill's Spanish is perfect-he was born in Argentina], we soon learned that the credit card charge did not appear on my Telcel account. Apparently Telcel had not completely tweaked their credit card routine! It turns out that the best and most secure way to renew a Telcel subscription is to actually go to a Telcel store and do the transaction there.

I am using Telcel to send you this blog post!
Wala Wala Restaurant-San Blas

2PM - Bill & Carol-Ann's Great Adventure!
We just got back from a great adventure led Bill and Carol Ann [since there are two Carols, one will be called Carol-Ann and the other Carol].

First we went to a very small but wonderful restaurant for breakfast. The restaurant is next to the Telcel store in San Blas. Everybody agreed that this is a swell place to go for food [Everybody includes Bill, John, Jorge, Carol-Ann and Carol].

Pueblo of Singayta
After breakfast we headed out of San Blas searching for the Pueblo of Singayta where there is a very nice plant nursery that we all wanted to visit.

While passing thru Singayta we happened upon a bunch of young school students at recess. They were sooooo happy to see us and we were so happy to see them! Bill handed out candies to these kids. Wow! That was a great time!

These students told us where the plant nursery is located. It is just across the highway from Singayta. A really neat guy who worked at the nursery told us about the many flowers, plants and trees that are growing there
Carol and Carol-Ann at the Singayta nursery

Pueblo La Libertad
Bill, our fearless driver, loves to explore. Bill drove into the Pueblo of La Libertad. The road thru the center of La Libertad is paved with stones. We can only imagine how much labor went into this road!

We stopped at a small grocery store to buy some cold drinks. Soon we were surrounded by a bunch of students returning home from school. These kids were all excited to be talking us. I guess that we are a curiosity because not too many tourists wander into La Libertad. Not recently anyway because of the huge decline in tourism during the past few years.

If you click [here] a map will come up showing the location of Pueblo La Libertad.

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