Sunday, January 08, 2012


7AM - Watching Secretariat
The Telcel Banda Ancha network began working this morning. So, what did we on the TiogaRV Team do? We watched interviews on YouTube about the great racehorse, Secretariat. Penny Chenery Tweedy, Secretariat's owner. Lucien Lauren, his trainer. Ron Turcotte, Secretariat's jockey during the horse's Triple Crown wins in 1973. Wonderful to listen to their stories.

And of course we watched actual footage of the June, 1973 race at The Belmont Stakes when Secretariat ran the fastest race in history. What a horse! [link]

9AM - First RV to South America?
Who were the very first RVers to go from the United States to South America? Do you know the answer to this question? Hmmmmm?

We will give you some hints. This trip was made in 1978. The RVers who made this trip are camping with us at the El Chaco RV Campground!

Click [here] to find out the amazing answer!