Monday, January 30, 2012

Short distance driving

6AM - Short distance driving
We left Puerto Vallarta last Friday morning. Now it is Monday morning. Over these three days, MsTioga has traveled only 245 miles. A perfect trip like this one requires short distance driving. Not all of you will be able to afford the luxury of short distance driving. We on the TiogaRV Team are retired from work and are able to take our time. If you are still working, the luxury of short distance driving is something to look forward to.

Analyzing 245 miles in three days means about 81 miles average each day. If you are driving 40 miles per hour, this means about two hours on-the-road each day. That is all MsTioga wants to travel in one day. Because we want to enjoy every moment of our drive. Actually, we have been on-the-road about 4 hours each of these 3 days. Naps and looking around account for the balance of our time.

When we first began vagabonding in 2003, we got used to short distance driving because there was not enough money to pay for gasoline. We had to limit our daily travel in order to keep gasoline purchases low. Now we can afford gasoline. But we still believe that short distance driving is the way-to-go!

Short distance = More camping
When we travel short daily distances, this means that we are Nite Camping more often during a trip. For us on TiogaRV Team, driving is wonderful. But camping is even better than driving. Seeing more places. Meeting more people. That's what it's all about!

Dry Camping vs RV Park camping
MsTioga and I published our very first blog post on May 14, 2003. Here is part of what we wrote:

We knew that we had to be "free-as-birds." That is how we came up with our motto: "Never pay rent !" Paying rent to park Tioga is against our religion. Here is what paying rent buys you:
1. Neighbors
2. Noise
3. Somebody elses RV 'bout 3 feet from your bedroom.

Tioga & George don't do RV camping. We are Vagabonders Supreme. We camp where we want to camp. We never pay rent. [link]

You already know about the two robberies, which are the reason that we are now staying so much in RV Campgrounds or hotels. So, we won't go into that again. But we have to confess to you that we've enjoyed many of the RV campgrounds where we stayed. There is no doubt that camping in a paid campground is easier than vagabonding on the street.

3PM - City of Irapuato
MsTioga has been searching in the City of Irapuato for a hotel to spend the nite. No luck. Looks as though we will be Nite Camping on-the-street again. We traveled about 100 miles today. I wanted to stop after only 50 miles. But everybody on The Team is anxious to arrive in Tequisquiapan and visit with Pete and Jimena. So, we kept moving on.

We actually traveled thru 3 Mexican states today. Began in Jalisco. Entered Michoacan for about 10 minutes. And are now in the State of Guanajuato.

4PM - Nite Camp
We are still in the same neighborhood as our 3pm post. Looking at Google Earth, we saw a place that looked like a park a short distance away. However, when we drove there, it turned out to be a big piece of tree covered private property. We decided to make our Nite Camp across the street from this property.

Behind MsTioga is a fairly large military base. If you look at our Nite Camp location, you'll get a better idea of where we are now. When we look at the Google Map's street view photos of this exact location, the entire neighborhood looks much better maintained than right now. It may be that the economic downturn really affected this neighborhood.

Very cloudy