Thursday, January 26, 2012


7AM - Tacho's RV Park
Yesterday we stumbled upon Tacho's RV Park, and decided to stay here. Tacho's is located not too far from the Puerto Vallarta WalMart. Would you believe there are TWO WalMarts here in Puerto Vallarta! However, even though Tacho's is close to PV's shopping, this is a relatively quiet place. Especially quiet at nite for sleeping!

There are many people staying the whole winter here at Tacho's. My next door neighbor is from Quebec and he is staying four months. The rent to stay for a month is 8000 pesos. $616US at today's exchange rate.
Tioga and Jorge at Tacho's

8AM - The plan!
Several Readers have written asking questions about our Central and South America trip plan. The thing about the "plan", is that there is no plan! Not really, anyway.

Have you noticed in the past that MsTioga and I just sort of wander around? We don't really want to know where we are going. Because we want to be surprised when we get there.

There are so many possible alternatives for the Central and South America adventure, that it boggles our collective mind.

We may decide to only visit Guatemala this winter and drive MsTioga there. We could do the bus thing as we wrote about earlier. Or, we might visit all of Central America this winter and fly back to MsTioga from Panama. Or, we may travel all over Central and South America and be gone for two years!

A challenge
Thinking about a trip like this one is quite a challenge. All sorts of negative things pop into the head. For example, our life living inside MsTioga is so comfortable. Why consider giving that comfort up for even a moment and go live in hotels?

Readers write about people they know who have gotten sick on the food in Central America. We have received stories about travelers who got their backpack's stolen in a bus station. And about being squished into an over crowded chicken bus with hardly enough room to even breathe!

The good thing about a trip like this one is that is that everything is up-in-the-air. We could fly from Mexico to any city in Central or South America and just explore to our heart's content. Then return to MsTioga whenever we wished.

10AM - My two sons
I've not written here about my two sons in awhile. However, I think about them both every single day. For me, the story of my two sons is a tragedy. My son David ended his own life in 2010, one day before his 46th birthday.

My youngest son does want me to write about him by name in my blog. For the passed couple of months, my youngest son is not talking to me. Maybe this is best. For some reason that I cannot explain, whatever I say to him is mis-interpreted and makes him angry. I do not want to cause him anguish, so I stay out of his life.

The story of both my sons is a lesson for us all. We are capable of creating our own reality inside our minds. If we choose to create a negative reality filled with doom and gloom, so it will be. If we choose to believe that anything is possible for us to achieve, so this will be.

Just because we believe things will be great for us, does not mean that life will be easy. We may struggle against great obstacles. But if we keep our eyes on our goal, eventually we come out on the bright side of life. We just cannot ever give up.

My son David gave up. Those who loved him, do not know why he gave up. Now, David is only a memory. He is a pic on my blog. A pic leaning against MsTioga's chair.
George and David in the kitchen
November 01, 2009

Blue sky