Saturday, January 07, 2012

Telcel network

11AM - Telcel network down
Yesterday MsTioga and The Team Nite Camped in the City of Tempic. We like to stay in the nice residential neighborhood across the road from the WalMart. We never had any problems Nite Camping here.'

During the evening we tried many times to use our Banda Ancha to connect to the Telcel network. We kept getting dropped! This morning we went to the Telcel service center for help.

Going to a Telcel service center is quite an interesting experience! The office consists of a line of about 15 women who help customers with problems. All of these women are dressed very nicely. Their facial makeup is excellent. They must spend a lot of time each morning fixing themselves up!

The Telcel lady who helped me took my Banda Ancha and MacBook Pro computer into the service department for testing. Soon she returned to tell me that the Telcel network around Tepic has been having problems for a few days. She suggested that I return to the Telcel office if I could not get an acceptable connection in a couple days.

No big deal!
I got a big kick out of this response to the Telcel network being down. Here in Mexico, such a thing is not a big deal. Nobody goes crazy complaining. They just live with it.

When I saw how calm the service lady was with their network being down, I adopted that attitude too! Afterwards it occurred to me that if the same thing had happened to me in the United States, I would have made a fuss.

5PM - Schmoozing with Fred
I spent much of the afternoon schmoozing [talking] with neighbor Fred who has a home next door to El Chaco. Fred is the first person that I met upon arriving in Aticama in the year, 2008.

Fred built a duplex home on his property. The home became difficult to sell when the real estate slump hit a few years ago.

As Fred and I sat in his home with our chairs facing out toward the Ocean, I could not help but remark to him how very gorgeous is the view. Just spectacular!