Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Telcel success

7AM - Telcel success!
You may remember that when MsTioga crossed the International Border last month and headed south into the depths of Mexico, we lost our Verizon internet connection. However, that same day we visited a Telcel office and bought a WiFi stick from them. That WiFi stick has been working great for us!

Telcel calls their internet sevice, "Banda Ancha" [Wide Band]. Telcel sells their Banda Ancha service on a month-to-month basis. Our month ended on January 2nd. So, on January 1st, a day before that expiration, we went online to figure out how to renew our subscription.

First we signed up for, "Mi Telcel" [My Telcel]. Now we had a User Name and Password! Always a good thing, right? Inside the Mi Telcel page there was a notice that stated, "Now you can buy airtime using your credit card!" Wow!

Even though I am able to carry on a conversation with another person in Spanish, doesn't mean that I can sucessfully follow instructions in Spanish. But the online routine for entering credit card info was conveniently translated into English. Thank you so much, Telcel!

But this is Mexico. When I buy something against my debit card in the USA, the transaction is posted within minutes. Apparently debit card transactions take longer in Mexico. It took two days for my bank to post the Telcel transaction. There was no Telcel Banda Ancha service for me yesterday because my account was disabled for lack of payment.

But this morning we have Banda Ancha service with Telcel once again!

3PM - El Chaco is quiet
It's a quiet day at El Chaco. The restaurant is closed. MacBook and I are messing around on the net using El Chaco's WiFi.

It makes us so happy to be here! Of course it is T-shirt and short pants weather.  The sky is overcast but the Sun is trying to break thru. Not humid at all. A perfect weather day!

Our RVing group is going out for supper together tonite! We're going to a San Blas restaurant called Walla Walla. None of the group has ever been there before. The group consists of: John, Bill, Jorge and the two Carols!
Jorge & MacBook at El Chaco

Sunny but Overcast