Wednesday, January 18, 2012


11AM - Temperance
When Benjamin Franklin was a very young man, he "conceived the bold and arduous project of arriving at moral perfection." This is a direct quote from Franklin's autobiography. His very first rule or virtue was:
Eat not to dullness; drink not to elevation

I am writing about this because drinking has been on my mind lately. Here in the El Chaco RV park, there appears to be a preoccupation with drinking. My friends and acquaintances who "drink to elevation" often undergo personality changes.

The most common personality change that I've observed is going from a sensitive person who communicates well to one who talks without stopping. Maybe this is actually talking without listening. Often I find myself being an audience to a person who goes on endlessly while I try to figure out how to get the hell out of there without offending!

I do not want to be perceived as a person who is judgmental or critical of others. Nor do I want to be perceived as a prude. But I find myself increasingly challenged in dealing with those who "drink to elevation".

6PM - Dump valve repair
This afternoon I've been doing leak repair on the ABS pipe that goes to MsTioga's dump valves. The ABS joint just above the grey water valve has been leaking. Today I noticed that the ABS pipe that goes into the black water tank is leaking too.

Time to do some repairing.

RVer John knows a lot about plumbing. And he has been advising me. I had bought some PVC cement to repair the ABS joint above the grey water valve. John told me that PVC cement would not work with ABS pipe.

The 90° elbow above the grey water valve cannot be removed from the pipe. Apparently this joint developed a very slow leak in only a portion of the joint. The rest of this joint is on solid!

I would prefer to buy a new ABS pipe and 90° elbow and join these two parts with ABS cement. But if I cannot locate a plumbing store that sells ABS pipe, I plan to clean the existing leaking joint and try to seal the leak by applying cement to the outer part of the joint.

Since it was getting dark, I stopped working and walked over to El Chaco restaurant to use their WiFi to tell you about this plumbing job.

7AM - Weng gives you a re-introduction!
This evening I tuned into Weng's blog and read that she is giving her readers a re-introduction to her story. This is a great idea. Weng has a terrific story to tell. And many readers may not know about her. So, by re-introducing herself, she is bring her readers up to date.

If you have not ever tuned into Weng's blog, try clicking on the "Read Weng" picture link just to the right of this post.

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